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This helps relieve parents and schools of any responsibility for the problem. Reading difficulty is a teaching problem not an intelligence problem Mc Guinness: submission to the UK Parliament inquiry into reading interventions and dyslexia (LI13) Ch8Hugo Kerr: Ch8. he irrelevance of intelligence testing for reading disability/dyslexia issues WP/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/The impact of orthographic consistency on dyslexia: A German-English comparison p23-30 for the House of Commons cross-party Science and Technology committee's 'evidence check' report on Dyslexia Secondary English teacher, blogger and author David Didau asks: Does Dyslexia Exist?The children, too, are led to believe that they are in the grip of some force that is beyond their control.

Russia would not be trying to reinvent itself as a great power; it would not be having to adjust its thinking to shrunken borders; it would not have had to watch its western neighbours flock to the security of the European Union and Nato.Above all, it would be spared awkward anniversaries.And few come more awkward than the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution that was celebrated in Soviet times on 7 November (or 25 October in the old Julian calendar).These comparisons provide irrefutable evidence that a biological theory of "dyslexia'', a deficit presumed to be a property of the child is untenable, ruling out the popular "phonological-deficit theory" of dyslexia.For a biological theory to be accurate, dyslexia would have to occur at the same rate in all populations.

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