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He's incredily protective towards his relatives, espetially his cousin Roman, whom he saved his life more than one time during the storlyline.

Although having committed many villainous deeds, Niko is shown to be very protective and nice towards his family and friends, and is one of the most kind GTA's protagonist.

However, he has absolutely any fear as he is willing to confront dozens of armed henchmen to save Roman or fighting highly trained NOOSE's agents to defend the crew during the robbery.

In fact, he's very wrathful, and is willing to kill those he consider as betrayers, threats, arrogant dimwits (such as Vlad Glebov), or anyone who stand in his way, including "innocent" police officers; there is a few characters, however, that the player can spare but also kill as well, like Darko Brevic.

24 year 7 (July) = 31 = his personal month (from July 11th, 2012 to August 10th, 2012) = Competing.

The page Niko Bellic contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. This led Niko to work for the Jimmy Pegorino, don of his eponymous mafia.

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