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I’ve been exercising, but maybe not as regularly as I should.I’ve always worked out but it’s a whole new experience these days!Casey is a professional pitcher and has signed with the San Francisco Giants, so we’re headed to Scottsdale, Arizona soon, where the Giants have their spring training complex. Can’t wait to see what fruit our baby turns into next!!We’re getting ready for the eight months of baseball season, but I’m leaving all my clothes behind except for my sweats. My doctor is threatening to put me on a diet to curb my cravings after I gained 12 lbs. I’ve been loving the spicy stuff – jalapenos, Tabasco and lots of kick. It’s been easier to be healthier since the holidays ended.I started to think of it as feeding a life within me.We were so elated to share our baby news with everyone through

Jennie joined her first league, L’il Miss T-Ball, after her fifth birthday.Softball's fate to be part of the Olympics again in 2016 will be...Read Full Story Beijing will be the last Olympic appearance for both baseball and softball, unless the athletes have their way. "The Olympics is the end-all be-all for softball and we train for years for this. Read Full Story The Olympics only come once every four years, which means you only get one month, every four years, to watch some serious Olympic eye candy compete in some of the most scrutinized sporting event known to man.One of the best parts of motherhood is that it teaches you selflessness.It’s not about me anymore, but about what’s best for our children and this baby within.

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