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There is also the world famous Ice Palace, Bonhomme (a symbol of goodwill towards all), not to mention an International Snow Sculpting Event.

Suffice it to say that Carnaval is huge, and you really cannot say you've truly experienced all of Québec culture without attending at least one Carnaval in your lifetime.

Although the Sr isotope ratios of the grapes do not show a strong correlation with the bulk Sr isotope composition of the soil, they do correlate strongly with the Sr isotope composition contained in the labile fraction of the soil.

This indicates that the labile fraction of the soil represents the Sr reservoir available to the plant during its growth.

These Roman Catholic roots are important as the influence of the Roman Catholic church can be seen even today in Québec.

Still others would say that anywhere where there exists French speaking Canadians could be described as French Canadian.

The official Holidays of Québéc are as follows: Other holidays include Thanksgiving, (which in Canada is celebrated the second Monday in October), New Year's, and of course Christmas and Easter.

Mardi Gras is to New Orleans as Carnaval is to Québec.

Everyone who is Québecois has a strong opinion on whether or not Québec should separate from the rest of Canada.

In 2003, the National Assembly of Québec voted that "the Quebecers form a nation." Most recently, in 2006, the House of Commons officially recognized that, "the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada." Since the wording is vague, so is the status of Québec as a separate nation within Canada.

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Sr isotope ratios were measured on grape, wine and soil samples collected in 13 commercial vineyards located in three major wine producing areas of Quebec (Canada).

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