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Intently planning your next line will prevent you from living in the moment and engaging with the person opposite you, said Laurent, who declined to give his last name."When we are on a date, people want to be heard," said Ali Farahnakian, who founded the People's Improv Theater (the PIT) in New York City in 2002.As a listening exercise, Farahnakian has two improv students maintain a conversation in front of the class.How to Strike Up Conversations with Women and Enjoy Doing It [Guide to Meeting New People]In the course you will learn how to start conversations with women, what to say and how to say it so that it looks natural, is socially acceptable, and will get a positive response from the women whom you approach.You will also learn the right way to carry on the conversation you started in order to eventually get her phone number, after which you will learn how to exit that conversation gracefully."You have to be more interesting than whatever they are doing." Start with a regular greeting, wait until she makes eye contact and say something that has a tone of playfulness and observational such as "This is the second time I have seen you, and you never say hi," Malov said. Make a Meaningful Conversation Out of the Shared Experience – Terri Trespicio, a dating and relationship expert Use any bizarre subway happenings — "A mariachi band comes on at am in full regalia.A crazy person starts singing opera on the L [train]," said Trespicio — as fuel for an exchange. You never know how much time you have, so try to get past idle chitchat as soon as you can, Trespicio said.NEW YORK CITY — "I'm so excited for me to meet Tom," said improviser Jenna Marucci, 27, her emphasis on "me" drawing a roaring laugh from the audience at the Players Theatre, where Marucci stands on stage. Marucci says she's "most comfortable on a stage, [and] least comfortable on a date."So she combined the two, bringing real dates to mingle with her during her show, "See Jenna Date."Meeting a potential romantic interest for the first time in front a dozens of spectators would unnerve almost anyone, but this improv show is helping Marucci deal with a fear of dating."I think it has helped me realize that with any sit-down on a date I should just play it like improv and just be honest and not nervous thinking about the next thing," said Marucci, who lives in Windsor Terrace."Those are great things to do when talking to someone, especially guys on a date."The guiding principles of improv can help people become better daters, according to dating coaches and students of that particular brand of comedy.

"It exposes you to different personalities, a different everything." DNAinfo New York asked four New York City dating experts for their advice on how to get a fellow commuter's attention and seal the deal. Watch Your Body Language — Chris Luna from Craft of Charisma Body language is key in any situation and it only becomes more complicated in a crowded subway, according to Luna."You can be within a stranger's personal space if you are not facing them," he said.A person will appear less intimidating and less aggressive if they angle their body away from their crush and talk to the person from slightly over their own shoulder, said Luna, who coaches both men and women on their dating life."You want him to feel confident that if he started talking to you, you will engage with him," Steinberg said. Be More Interesting Than Whatever's on Their Phone — Art Malov, from New York Dating There isn't much else for straphangers to do other than fiddle with their phone or read a book.That means the person approaching is "playing catchup" for the attention of their target, according to Malov. ' on the subway, since it's not interesting and she doesn't know you," he said.

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